@Home Worship – May 17

This Sunday we celebrate our graduating senior students!  Normally, the Praise Team would lead us in singing their favorite worship songs and hymns, leading us in magnifying the name of our God with our youth. Instead, we’re still in our homes, worshiping our One God separately, celebrating these students’ achievements in spirit, if not in […]

“Worship: God on the Throne”

This sermon was preached on Sunday, September 1, as part of the sermon series “Revelation: A Vision of Christ.” The first part of the vision of the heavenly throne room is recorded in Revelation 4:1-11. Q. How do you worship an all-holy God? When are you most aware of God’s “otherness,” His “set apart-ness” (which […]

Revelation: A Vision of Christ

This is the beginning of the new sermon series through the book of Revelation. Read the beginning of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” in Revelation 1:1-8. Q. Which of “America’s Four Gods” (Baylor Religion Survey, 2006) do you find yourself believing in most often? The Authoritarian God: God is both deeply engaged in the world, […]


This is the final sermon in ERC’s Lenten series, CO▽EN△NT, on God’s relationship with Abraham. The sacrifice that God asks of Abraham is shocking. To give up his son, his only son, Isaac, would have been heartbreaking. And to give up the son of the promise, God’s chosen means to save the entire world, must […]