Maundy Thursday — Good Friday

April 9 & 10, 2020

This service is conducted by video. Follow the disciples to the cross of Jesus. As the candles are blown out, we draw nearer to Jesus’ death. The last candle, however, is not extinguished, but merely hidden, to remind us of our hope.

Prelude:Pie Jesu

played by Kait Raak

The Shadow of Betrayal

The Passover with the Disciples | Mark 14:17-21

Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial | Matthew 26:30-35

Reader: Gwynevere Den Herder

Poem: “Judas, Peter,” by Luci Shaw

because we are all
betrayers, taking
silver and eating
body and blood and asking
(guilty) is it i and hearing
him say yes
it would be simple for us all
to rush out
and hang ourselves
but if we find grace
to cry and wait
after the voice of morning
has crowed in our ears
clearly enough
to break our hearts
he will be there
to ask us each again
do you love me?

Reader: Connie Tjeerdsma

The Shadow of Anguish

Jesus Prays in Gethsemane | Mark 14:32-42   

Reader: Abigail Den Herder

The Shadow of Arrest

Arrest of Jesus | Mark 14:43-46, John 18:10-11, Mark 14:48-50

Reader: Randy Hixon

The Shadow of Denial  

Peter Denies Jesus | Luke 22:54-62

Readers: Amy, Chapin, Cameron, Cale, & Charlie Cooper

The Shadow of Trial  

Jesus Delivered To Pilate | Mark 15:1-2a, John 18:34-40

Reader: Amy Vanderlei

The Shadow Of Humiliation   

Jesus Is Mocked | Mark 15:16-20 8

Reader: Kelsey Irish

Song of Response: “Jesus Paid It All”

sung and played by Lawrence Namminga, Jr. 

The Shadow of Crucifixion

Song of Preparation: “Oh, Come and Mourn”

sung by Kait Raak

The Crucifixion | Luke 23:32-43, Mark 15:21-32

Reader: Joann Tucker Minten

The Shadow of Death

The Death of Jesus | Mark 15:33-34, 37-39

Reader: Raya Nagel

Silent Meditation

Song of Response: “Well Done”

sung by Danielle Wallinga

The Shadow of Burial

Jesus Is Buried | Matthew 27:57-60

Reader: Pastor Cody Raak

Postlude: “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded / Beethoven’s Symphony #7, Second Movement / Jesus, Lover of My Soul”

played by Linda Tjeerdsma

Thank you to everyone from our Emmanuel Reformed Church family who participated in this video. And special thanks to Kait Raak for her work editing and producing this video.

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