He is risen! 

He is risen indeed!

On this quiet — too quiet — Easter Sunday, we are invited to remember the resurrection of our Lord Jesus much as the disciples did that first Easter. Here we are, huddled together in our homes, with a pall of fear cast over everything we do (John 20:19). And the good news of Easter arrives all the same: He is risen! This good news enters our homes, just as Jesus appeared in that upper room, through locked doors, bringing life and hope and joy impossibly, in spite of uncertain circumstances. 

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I pray Jesus comes to you today, in your home. I pray he eats with you and sits with you. I pray he comforts you in your uncertainty, your fear, your disappointment. I pray he fills you with his resurrection life.

This morning’s worship service will be led through this video: “I AM: The Resurrection and the Life.” We have worked hard to include music and participation, so that we remember we are celebrating Easter together. 

For prayer updates and other announcements, download this week’s bulletin:

May the risen Lord Jesus be with you as you worship together with us. 

— Pastor Cody

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