This is the first sermon in the new Eastertide preaching series, “For Good,” preached on April 28, 2019.

Read the first chapter of Joseph’s story in Genesis 37.

This sermon series, based on Joseph’s life, is about our strong hope in the character of God, in His constant work “for the good.”

Joseph trusted God, because God revealed to him what God was going to do in and through Joseph. And that hope, that obnoxious hope, set him against the spiritual powers at work in the world against God. It made him a dreamer.

Q. When did God reveal to you His character: His love, His care, His power, His goodness? How did He reveal Himself to you? What do you believe about God, because of how He’s shown up in your life?

Q. What “dream” do you have for the restoration of all things? What is an ideal world like, do you think? How can you pray, if that is what you hope for?

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