Sunday’s Sermon – June 28

For those who attempted to worship with us over YouTube this past Sunday, we apologize for the technical difficulties with a new setup. Thank you for your patience as we attempt to improve that experience. Pastor Cody did record the audio of the sermon, at least. “The Spirit Is: the Presence of God (Faithfulness, Gentleness, […]

“Prepare the Way”

This sermon was preached Sunday, December 8, the second Sunday of Advent. It was intended for the first Sunday of Advent, but preached a week later because of weather. This sermon was followed with a celebration of the Lord’s Supper. This short sermon series will look at the Advent life of John the Baptist. This […]

The Garden City

This sermon, preached Sunday, November 17, is part of the sermon series Revelation: A Vision of Christ. This sermon covers Revelation 21:9-22:5, two connected visions of the new heaven/new earth: the New Eden, and the New Jerusalem. Garden, City, and Temple all overlap in the fulfillment of God’s eternal plan to dwell among His people. […]

“All Things New”

This sermon, the 19th in the series Revelation: A Vision of Christ, was preached on November 10, 2019. This sermon looks at Revelation 21:1-8. What is our hope for the end of all things? “End,” meaning not just the final destination, but the greater destiny, the God-intended purpose, for all things? To understand, we should […]

“The Reign of Jesus”

This sermon was preached on All Saints Sunday, November 3, 2019, as part of the series, Revelation: A Vision of Christ. This sermon considers Revelation 20. Scholars and teachers have tended to organize the story of what will be, the earthly reign of King Jesus, in three broad ways: Premillennialism, which emphasizes the “not yet” […]