Daniel Brunz, of the new plant City Church Sioux Falls, preached God’s Word from Psalm 121.

This past Sunday we celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost with a liturgical dance, with a guest preacher Daniel Brunz (City Church, Sioux Falls), and with a love offering for City Church’s continued ministry in Sioux Falls, SD.

Daniel preached on Psalm 121, about God’s help for us when we feel helpless, in the face of our difficulties and hardships:

God helps us with His presence, and His preservation.

God is present with us by His Holy Spirit, the Helper (John 14:26). God is always attentive and near, without rest.

God preserves us as we go in a dangerous world. He does not promise to protect us from every harm and hurt, but He does promise to keep evil from completely overcoming and destroying us.

And because God is our help through what scares us and stops us, it is often those things that terrified us most — once we’re through them with God’s help — that bring us the greatest joy and excitement, because they remind us of God’s constant presence and preservation.

May God send His Spirit, His Helper, anew, to be with you as you journey through your own hard places this week, and to keep you through it all, so that you come to a wide-open place of joy. Amen.

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