This is the beginning of the new sermon series through the book of Revelation.

Read the beginning of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” in Revelation 1:1-8.

Q. Which of “America’s Four Gods” (Baylor Religion Survey, 2006) do you find yourself believing in most often?

  • The Authoritarian God: God is both deeply engaged in the world, and very judgmental of it, easily provoked to anger and wrathful punishment when people fail.
  • The Benevolent God: God is deeply engaged in the world, but never wrathful or judgmental. Instead, God is a force for good only, without any negative actions.
  • The Distant God: God created the world and set it in motion, but has no interest or involvement in the world today.
  • The Critical God: similar to the Distant God, this God does not interact with the world presently, but watches closely, and stores up His judgment and wrath for a later, unspecified time.

Q. If Jesus is “the faithful witness” (v.5) to who God really is, who is God really? How can you more faithfully represent Him to your kids? To your friends? To your coworkers?

Q. What are your praying for, as you begin to study Revelation with us?

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