This sermon, preached on Sunday, September 15, is part of the series “Revelation: a Vision of Christ.”

The first six of the seven seals are opened in Revelation 6. The sealed are marked as God’s own and worship Him in Revelation 7. Pastor Cody also read from sections of Romans 8:18ff.

Q. When you hear about the eternal plan of God being completed, do you feel excited and ready? Or do you feel afraid? What do you have to lose if God has His way? What do you stand to gain?

Q. Why do you think the seals opening are each accompanied by such terrible things? How do you account for God telling the souls to wait a little longer while such evil is allowed to continue?

Q. God makes a clear move to protect His own from the judgment that is to come on the earth. Does this assure you in the face of your current circumstances? What is your comfort in a rapidly changing, decidedly broken world?

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