This sermon was preached Sunday, September 22, as part of the sermon series, Revelation: A Vision of Christ.

This sermon focuses on the seven trumpets (Revelation 8-9), but covers all of Revelation 8-11.

God created you for worship, and specifically to worship Him. It’s who you are, and it’s what it means to be human. Sin has lured all of us away from right worship, and every day we set up other things in the throne where God should sit: money, leisure, entertainment, relationships, pleasure, power, self, etc. In the present, these have subtle and pervasive power to warp us in their image. But in the end, these are the things that God will reveal to be powerless to save.

God calls you back to Himself, to discover the ferocity of His love for you, which will act swiftly to destroy whatever is destroying you. Worship Him: know Him and love Him with all of who you are.

Q. What is worship, in your own words? If your first answer is music or singing, go deeper: what do your favorite hymns or worship songs help your heart express to God?

Q. What are the “idols” in your life, in the place of God who made you? Ask the Spirit to help you make a thorough inventory of the things you have given power over your life.

  • What demands your time?
  • What demands your attention and thoughts?
  • What demands your money?
  • What do want from these things? What are they offering you?
  • Have they delivered on their promises? How satisfied are you, really?

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