This sermon was preached on All Saints Sunday, November 3, 2019, as part of the series, Revelation: A Vision of Christ.

This sermon considers Revelation 20.

Scholars and teachers have tended to organize the story of what will be, the earthly reign of King Jesus, in three broad ways:

Premillennialism, which emphasizes the “not yet” of Jesus’ reign, teaching that Jesus will return before reigning on the earth for a literal 1000 years;

Postmillennialism, which emphasizes the “already” of Jesus’ reign, teaching that Jesus will return after a non-literal “millennium” of the Church’s “reign” of peace and prosperity in this world;

and Amillennialism, which holds in tension that Jesus reigns “already” and “not yet,” teaching that Jesus reigns now in the world after his death and resurrection, and that the fullness of his reign is coming.

Different denominations holds different views of Jesus’ earthly reign, which have divided the Church. All Christians agree — to some extent — that Christ is Lord, now and not yet. All Christians have been tasked by Christ our Lord to bear witness to His reign in our lives, so that the world may know. And in the end, the stories of our lives will be read. What story are you writing with your life?

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