This sermon, preached Sunday, November 17, is part of the sermon series Revelation: A Vision of Christ.

This sermon covers Revelation 21:9-22:5, two connected visions of the new heaven/new earth: the New Eden, and the New Jerusalem. Garden, City, and Temple all overlap in the fulfillment of God’s eternal plan to dwell among His people.

Q. How, if at all, does reading the conclusion of God’s story (the Bible) change or shape the way you read other parts of God’s story? For example, will knowing how God’s story ends help you read and understand some of the more challenging parts of the Bible?

Q. How, if at all, does reading the ending of God’s story change or shape they way you think about your story? How do you see God already at work in you, beginning to bring to completion the good work He’s begun in you (Philippians 1:6)?

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