Home Worship

In this unexpected season of separation, we are suspending our sanctuary worship services together. Instead, we are trying something new. We invite you to worship our Lord Jesus in your homes, not merely by watching others worship, but by conducting your own worship experience. Whether you are worshiping by yourself, or with your spouse, or with your family, thank you for trying this new thing with us.

We will be worshiping as a network of house churches, reading the same Scripture and hearing the same sermon, lifting up our hearts together, separately. For as long as this lasts,

  1. Check in each weekend to our website (or at the church’s Welcome Desk) for a liturgy to read and pray in your homes.
  2. Go to our YouTube channel for a video of Pastor Cody’s sermon for that week. (Printed sermon manuscripts will also be available at the church’s Welcome Desk).
  3. Set aside a time for worship that works for you, but make that time holy. You might begin by lighting a candle and reading John 1:5. If you are worshiping alone, consider keeping a journal open to write down your conversation with God. If you are worshiping with other(s), share the scripture readings and the prayers so that everyone leads the worship experience together.  

We’re learning to do something different. Hopefully this lasts only weeks, and not months. During this season, please call/text/message Pastor Cody with any feedback about how this is going.

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