Announcement: Outdoor Worship

Here’s what to expect for this Pentecost Sunday, May 31st, with instructions for how we are going to worship. Please read to the end!


This service will not look like a “normal” service:

  • There will be no greeting time, obviously.
  • There will be no children’s sermon, where the kids are invited forward together.
  • There will be no offering. Instead, there will be buckets to drop off your offerings, with minimal interaction or contact. You are encouraged to continue sending in your offerings for the summer, and thank you (seriously, THANK YOU!) for your continued generosity to our church’s life and ministries during these unusual circumstances.
  • There will be no Sunday School, no coffee fellowship, and no other organized activities following the service. Please be responsible, not only for your own health, but for the health of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

That said, this worship service will be rich with meaning and fellowship and worship, IF you come with the intent to magnify the Lord Jesus with us.

We will be “handing out” Bibles to the 3rd grace class:

  • Charlie Cooper
  • Treyton Driesen
  • Isaac Gibson
  • Aubry Williams
  • Mederise Bertrand

(Parents of these students, if you do not feel comfortable attending worship, or you are unable to attend for other reasons, we understand, and we will get your child their Bible another time.)

We will also plan to celebrate the baptism of Parker Rainie, born February 27 to Tom and Jackie Pier!


Bulletins and song sheets are available below for download, so that you can pull them up on your smartphone or download them and print them beforehand. They are also available to pick up at the church Welcome Desk beforehand. We will not be handing out any printed materials, though some will be available if necessary.

Since we are meeting outside, we leave the wearing of masks to your discretion. If you choose not to wear one, that is your choice. If your neighbor chooses to wear one, that is theirs. If a mask will be too distracting, so that you cannot focus your spirit on worshiping our great God, your heart may not be in the right place for corporate worship.

If you plan to sit in your lawn chair:

  • Park to the north or west of the church.
  • Please continue to practice social distancing as you set up your chairs.

If you plan to sit in your vehicle:

  • Park in the parking lot, by driving in from the south, and facing north. Ignore the marked parking spaces. Leave plenty of space in between. Pull as far in as you can, up to the alleyway.
  • Open your windows enough to hear the service.

If you plan to worship at home:

  • Download the bulletin and song sheets, either to pull up on your phone or to print ahead of time.
  • Find our livestream on our YouTube channel.

Should I come?

Ultimately, the decision is yours. We will not be turning anyone away. But the guidance we have had all along is what we are encouraging.

  • If you are sick, or you know you may have been exposed to the virus, stay home.
  • If you are at risk (60+, prone to illness, or living with a heart/respiratory condition), stay home.
  • If you are concerned at all about catching or transmitting the virus unknowingly, stay home.
  • If you will be unable to worship our Lord and Savior with us because of your preoccupation with the virus, stay home.

Otherwise, please come, with both a robust responsibility to each other and your wholehearted desire to worship our great God with us!

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