Emmanuel church family! Thank you for your patience as we worship together outdoors one more week (June 21, 2020).

The consistory has agreed to gently relax some of the restrictions we have had in place during this pandemic, in response to the enthusiastic desire from all of you to return to a kind of normal.

If “Phase One” of our pandemic plan was to worship in our homes, and “Phase Two” has been outdoor worship, then we are announcing “Phase Three” will begin June 28.

We still advise and urge, as we always have, that if you are elderly, or immune-compromised, or fearful, to please stay home and worship with us in Spirit (if not presence).

This pandemic is not over. The dangers for the vulnerable are real. And the necessity for us to worship King Jesus now is the same as it has ever been — maybe greater. We thank you for loving each other with utmost care as we see cases increasing all over our country.

These guidelines are subject to change as this pandemic develops. Stay tuned for updates.

I was glad when they said to me,

“Let us go to the house of the Lord!”

Our feet have been standing

within your gates, O Jerusalem!

— Psalm 122:1-2 —

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