#WorshipWednesday: “Vintage”

Written by Kait Raak

You may have noticed our large group of worship leaders this past Sunday morning. Getting a big group together filled with youth participants gets me really excited; both hopeful and nostalgic.

Cody and I recently discovered this album: Vintage, by Shane & Shane, which brings back some contemporary classics with fresh earnestness and style. These are the songs we both grew up with as contemporary music was being introduced in our churches. That was also when Cody and I each got involved in new worship services and praise teams within our hometown congregations. As I understand it, many of this church’s youth and adults also got involved with praise team singing songs like these. So there’s a beautiful recent history in these songs: worship revitalization and youth catching fire with a different sound.

We’ve been having conversations with the youth group and adult Sunday School class about what would comprise an ideal church gathering. For our young students, the ideas often drift to a sincere, authentic, contemporary music style for services. Cody and I completely relate to the idea that this style provides an emotional plug-in to worship and connection with Jesus. We experienced the same spiritual highs at their age when we encountered worship bands. But albums like Vintage are reminding us of where we came from. Hymns also do that the more we appreciate them for their lyrics and doctrine. We imagine a beautiful mix of Hymns, Classic Contemporary, and new music enriching and providing connections into worship for each generation.

You see, today, it might be easy for us to consider the songs in this album tired and “old school,” and pass them up in favor of newer songs when planning a contemporary-style set. But as I listen to this refreshed album, I remember the value of these songs. A big part of my faith story is wrapped up in them. I can picture my home church, church family, and childhood friends by my side, clapping, dancing, smiling, and singing with a new enthusiasm for praising Jesus. I also see nights around the campfire at summer camp. There is still gold here, with lyrics straight from Psalms and Scripture. I listen to this album and recall a step in the building of my faith. What song or style does that for you?~Kait Raak

Listen to the album here:


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