#WorshipWednesday: “O Love Divine”

~ written by Lawrence Namminga, Jr.

Have you ever had a thought or heard a song just prior to falling asleep, and then not have a clue as to what you were sure you would remember?  That is the story for me behind this song. I listen to Christian radio prior to falling asleep, and the song “Oh Love Divine, Amazing Love” — which I had never heard before — played; and either the tune, or the words, awakened me enough to know this was a great song. The next morning, I couldn’t remember anything about it!  That bothered me a lot, but I eventually figured it was gone. Then, several months later, the same thing happened again, but this time I wrote down several of the words of the song so that I could “Google” it in the morning. Thankfully, those words were enough for me to get the information for the song. Could God have nudged me to remember the song?

Beautiful words and a wonderful melody made the song especially meaningful. The words of the song were written by Fanny Crosby, the blind lady known as the “Queen of Gospel Song Writers,” who wrote more than 8,000 gospel songs and hymns. She put together the words that tell the Gospel message of the “Amazing Love” of God in sending His Son Jesus to earth to make us acceptable to live with Him forever in heaven. 

The chorus begins:

“He died for You, He died for me, 

and shed His blood to make us free.” 

This is the message that first caught my attention in my sleepy state just before falling asleep.

The other part of the song that caught my attention was based on my love of country gospel and bluegrass gospel, whose beautiful harmonies have partial roots in Irish music. The melody of the song is taken from an old Irish folk song, “The Girl from the County Down”. Combine the music and the words of Fanny Crosby and you have a song that sums up God’s love for us, and Christ’s sacrifice for us, in several verses. It really brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I listen to it.

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